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CNC Turning

CNC turning-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

So you asked a manufacturer or a metal fabrication company to produce a product that is spherical or cylindrical in shape and you need help in terms of carefully reducing its size from the outside or the exterior of the product – that process is called turning.

In manufacturing, the process of turning is one of the most sought and the most used processes whenever a product is being finalized. For example, when a door knob’s mainframe is created – it needs to be reduced in order for it to take the exact shape and the exact form that the client needs.

It’ll then be turned until it arrives at the exact type of product or component that your client was looking for. We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals can help you with the turning process you need and we’ll be more than happy to assist you using the CNC turning machines that we have invested on.


Our CNC Turning Equipment

The CNC turning machines that we have here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals have been the machines that we’ve used since CNC was made available to businesses. Using these CNC turning machines, we were able to help many of our clients with the products and the parts, components, and even semi-finished equipment that they needed.

Our CNC turning machines are all effective and efficient to the point that they require less, to even no type of supervision from an operator except of course, when workpieces need to be shifted.

Some of the benefits of working with us and our CNC turning machines include:

The time that regular and manual turning machines take are substantially more than when putting side-by-side with CNC turning machines – and it’s one of the reasons why we at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals have been dubbed as the best in the industry.

Using our CNC turning machines, we were able to optimize the production rate that we have in our projects and our productions.

For example, if a manual turning machine takes some time about 10 minutes to complete a certain product, a CNC machine would only take 5 to 6 minutes to complete it – and even with a polished touch.

Manual and regular turning machines are operated and controlled by people and the actions could be less, especially if there’s only one (1) axis working. With our CNC machining procedures, even if you want to produce the most complex and the most difficult of machines, we can do it for you!

Our CNC turning machines are the reasons why we’re able to work with a wide spectrum of industries and businesses. Our services and our expertise aren’t just limited to construction, structural, and even the manufacturing industries – we can work on even the most industry-specific requiring businesses too.

Do you know what the best thing about CNC turning machines is? – It is the fact that when they’re used, they’re becoming more and more efficient. Yes, you read that right, the more you use it, the more they become better and more efficient!

Unlike the regular and the manual CNC turning machines where you have to maintain them almost all the time, our CNC machines are the deal and it’s a sign that all of the products and outputs you need to be created will be within your hands in a matter of days and weeks!

The Turning Process

Before jumping straight into CNC turning, let us first try understanding what turning is. To put it simply, turning is a subtractive process in which the workpiece or the material being worked on is placed on a rotary axis.

The material is spun at high speed and the cutter that would be intercepting the rotation of the material will cut through it, reducing its entire girth and thickness.

Turning is somehow similar to the process of milling but in milling, the workpiece is put and clamped in place while the cutter is the one spinning. Moreover, milling does not only aim to reduce the workpiece by shredding its edges – but it can also create some type of marks and engraves on the workpiece.

The Importance of Turning in Manufacturing

Turning has been considered as one of the most important parts of manufacturing and metal fabrication. Without it, a lot of the things that we use today would not even be existent. In fact, here are a couple of the factors that make turning an important manufacturing and fabrication process.

Creation of Rotational Parts

In the same example, we have given above, turning is responsible for the creation of circular and cylindrical parts like rounded leg tables, regular doorknobs, as well as fixture and metallic designs that are used in gates, and the like.

Turning is primarily the reason for the creation of these rotational parts. Don’t mistake it – they can be completed by any other manufacturing process but would it be able to provide the smoothened surface that turning can?

Requires Less Energy

Since it’s mainly used for the creation of cylindrical products and outputs, turning uses less energy when used for the creation of doorknobs, as well as other types of components. Even if this is the case, turning guarantees a better and a more defining shape to the product.

Those are two of the main factors on why turning is an important process in fabrication and manufacturing – but how good are CNC turning machines?

As far as the entire manufacturing and fabrication processes go, the process of turning has been one of the strengths that we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals have. Should you need help in manipulating and modifying the overall shape and forms of metal; you can absolutely count on us!

Give us a quick call and get the estimate and the quote that you need for the production that you have been looking for! Experience world-class quality services in the cheapest and the most reasonable prices you can get it for!

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