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Fabricating-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

Knowing the difference between fabricating and manufacturing is vital especially if you need specific and accurate help and assistance. However, many people are still left baffled as to how they’re different – no matter what you need, you can bank on us and our expertise here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals.

We are the state’s most trusted and most dependable manufacturer and metal fabrication company and we will be more than ready to help you with the production and the manufacturing that you need. Before we go any deeper, let us first try to understand how fabricating and manufacturing are different.

The Definition of Fabrication

We all know that when manufacturing is talked about, it’s most usually involving a high volume of production and it’s something that most companies do for their most basic parts and components. In a more formal definition, manufacturing is the process of making, creating, and producing products, materials, and components on a large scale with the use of machinery and equipment.

That puts fabrication on the riskier and the more dangerous side – fabrication is almost exactly the same thing, except, its processes are not as smooth as how manufacturing is. With the help of our fabrication knowledge here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, we’ll be able to assist you in terms of the production of the parts, as well as their assembly.

Thus, fabrication is the overall process of creating something out of standardized and semi-finished parts and components; while manufacturing is the overall and the entire process of creating parts and components from nothing – from raw materials.

Metal Fabrication Process

Different manufacturers and metal fabrication companies may have different styles and approaches of how they proceed with the process but with us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, we will be able to help you with anything you need – from the simplest and the most basic of the metal fabrication process, to the overall and the complete assembly.

The metal fabrication process usually involves a series of different procedures such as cutting, designing, bending and braking, welding, and finishing – and they’re all distinct from each other. More often than not, these are all achieved using different machines and equipment, and that is usually through the aid of computers and high-tech equipment.

How Is It Performed?

You might continually be confused about the two terms and to fully separate them, it’s imperative to know that the fabricating processes and procedures involve multiple actions from machines and equipment – and most of the time, the products of these machines would be conspiring to the overall function and feature of the product.

Because metal fabrication is, overall, the creation of products and outputs from different and distinct standardized parts, some of the examples of the products and components that metal fabrication produces include:

  • Basic Hand Tools
  • Fasteners (Bolts, Nuts, and Screws)
  • Formed, Shaped, and Finished Metal
  • Industry-Specific Components
    • Car Parts (Automotive)
    • Cabins and Other Aircraft Parts (Aerospace)
    • Piping, Tubing, Fitting (Construction)
  • And Many More!

Metal Fabrication is performed in a broad sense and it includes many different processes. We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals like to simplify all of our procedures without ever compromising the quality of our work – and for the experience that we have, we were able to achieve that through the following:

Unlike other companies, we continue to learn and to study metal fabrication and the overall contract manufacturing industry. By doing so, we are allowing our company to improve and develop on a much larger scale than we ever thought we’ll be in.

In addition to that, we also continually invest in the best and highest forms of machinery and equipment. For instance, our laser cutting machines and our press braking machines are all CNC machineries – which contribute to the higher productivity rate that we have.

No work comes out of the box from us without it being duly inspected. Before we send our clients the deliveries and the products they asked us to do, we inspect it carefully to see if it passes the standard and the requirements they have set.

Should there be needed adjustments, we’re happy to modify and improve it. You can trust us that we’ll provide only the best and the highest quality of products and outputs!

As a metal fabrication company and a contract manufacturer, it is in our deep duty and responsibility to make sure that all of your products and outputs are provided to you in the best and the highest quality possible.

And unlike how other companies do it, we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals can make that promise to you by continually improving all of our services. As a company, we make sure that we:

  • Assess and evaluate the processes and the procedures that we perform on a regular basis
  • Maintain and check on the equipment and machines that we utilize
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest and the most needed news and updates with the industry

Our thirst to learn and to be better at what we do is what drives us to perform better than what we are currently doing now.

Why Work With Us?

If you think that you need a revamping of your production, you can definitely count on us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals. We are always open to administering high caliber of products and outputs to our clients.

Across the entire state of Indiana, you would never find a manufacturer that provides the same level of services we do. When you work with us, we’re your one-man team; we can be the company or the business that can procure all the needed materials and components, we can handle the complete fabrication process, and we can be the one to check and inspect the quality of your parts and components.

Give us a quick call and we’ll help you with what you need!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Indiana. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Indiana.

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