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High-Mix, Low-Volume

High-Mix Low-Volume-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

As opposed to what many manufacturers and fabrication companies believe in, increasing the capacity and the production of a specific product does not always reciprocate better sales and better exposure in the market.

In fact, the more surplus and overproduction you run into, the more chances of you losing money. That is why lean manufacturing is considered one of the most effective ways of increasing a company’s profitability.

Should we be not on the same boat, lean manufacturing is simply the strategy or the methodology in which waste in the manufacturing and the production industry is minimized while maximizing profits and productivity. One of the few techniques and strategies in lean manufacturing is high-mix, low-volume and that is what we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals can help you with.


The Benefits of HMLV

How can this be beneficial to a certain company or business? How would HMLV benefit companies? When you’re thinking about this strategy, then Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals is a company that is open to letting you know about how this strategy can benefit you to the fullest.

With a high-mix, low-volume production, you’ll be enabled to spend less in terms of production because you will not spend too much on the raw materials for the production. You’ll have the estimate as to how much you need for a specific model and a specific type.

This will let you save money because you’ll not have a ton of surpluses that you’ll not be able to sell easily, and you will have lesser things to put and place in your inventory.

One of the primary benefits and advantages that HMLV has is the fact that it’s going to exhaust all of your resources first before coming up to acquire and to purchase new ones. This goes in line with the fact that you’ll be able to save more and cost less when it comes to manufacturing or production.

Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals is the company that can help you in terms of maximizing your resources to the fullest. We’ll help you get the work done without a ton of waste like what you were experiencing before you worked with us.

Because of the fact that HMLV aims to produce all of the outputs and the products you need simultaneously, you will be able to put all of your machines and your equipment to their most efficient states.

They’ll not work ‘round the clock and you would not exhaust the energy and the power of your machines all at once. They’ll work in synchronization with one another and you will not have a pending and a floating machine.

With lesser inventory, you will have a faster and better time to market. Having a fewer supply of the products and the outputs that you’re offering will give you the flexibility that you need in terms of adjusting to the need and the demands that the market has.

More time to adjust and to modify, less time to worry about how you will be able to take care of the overproduced products and outputs that you have.

Overview of High-Mix, Low-Volume

So what is high-mix, low-volume (HLMV)? In a more detailed manner, the types of manufacturing that high-mix, low-volume offers is actually a part of the lean manufacturing techniques and strategies. It’s when a certain company asks a fabrication company or a manufacturer to create different specific products in a low volume but high in terms of the mix.

In order for you to have a better and a fuller understanding of it, imagine that you ask us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals to create different types of automotive bodies, but you’re not sure how many parts you want for each of them.

In total, you’re looking to create bodies and parts of about 10 car models and you’re not sure what the exact amounts of the production will be. In order for you to know this, you can ask us for our assistance in determining and in studying how it would be effective and efficient.

We will proceed to study and to learn the different demands that the consumers and your target market have. From there, we’ll be able to determine how the complete mix of your products will be.

Do You Need Urgent Help? Contact Us!

Are you a company and you have a wide range and selection of products? Do you need to maximize your production efficiently? Work with us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals and we will help you with our skill and our adeptness in the HMLV type of manufacturing.

We work fast and urgently and we rarely receive negative comments and feedback from our clients. We’ve been the manufacturer and the metal fabrication expert that has been entrusted most dominant and most known companies in the state of Indiana.

Because of the specialization that we have in the industry, we were able to help and participate in a lot of our clients’ activities and production. We can work on a wide range of industries including:

  • Automotive and the Aerospace Industry
  • Commercial and Retail Industry
  • Construction and Structural Industry
  • Medical and Medical Building Industry
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication Industry
  • And Many More

Why Choose Us?

So why should you choose us over other companies and manufacturers in the industry? What makes our services special and great? When it gets to the point of choosing, everything will all boil down to the things of how we will improve and develop your company’s production and manufacturing statistics.

One thing that we can promise you is that using our lean manufacturing techniques and methods, we promise that you will not worry about how you can manage the products and the outputs you were able to produce and manufacture that were not sold.

Dial us now and we’ll be more than happy and glad to help you with whatever you need!

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