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Press Brake Bending

Press Brake Bending-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

A press brake machine is one of the many equipment and machines that are indeed essential in the entire metal fabrication process. Press brakes are used and utilized to bend, shape, and form metal and steel and it’s widely used for that purpose.

However, those aren’t the only uses for it. As a matter of fact, press brakes can also be used to cut and to partition several materials and parts, too. Its wide variety of uses is one of the things that make it an essential and relevant machine in manufacturing and metal fabrication.

Here with us at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, we have the best and the most sought press brake bending procedures that you might need for your steel or your metal parts and components. Before we dive deeper into that, let us first understand press brakes – what is it and how it’s used.


Press Brakes: Overview

In order to form, shape, and to bend metal, you would need a reliable and powerful machine – and that’s what a press brake is. Using a press brake, you’re able to manipulate and to modify the overall shape and form of steel and metal.

Some press brakes are only capable of limited strength while there are those that can even bend and crush the hardest of diamonds.

Overall, press brakes are machines that are responsible for shaping and for the forming, and bending of metal and other components. Since we at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are experts and professionals in the steel and metal fabrication industry, we focus on working with different types of steel, metal, and other alloys only.

When you see a press brake machine, you’ll immediately be able to identify it because it’s distinct and it has a “punch” or the part of it that pushes and releases the force and pressure; and the “die” or the shaper of the material.

A press brake would not be complete without it and they’re the primary components of it.

What is Press Brake Bending?

Press brake bending, from its term alone, is already identifiable. It is the process of bending and shaping steel and metal using a press brake. This procedure is widely known in the industry and it’s used by many different manufacturers and metal fabrication companies.

The process of press brake bending is simple: the workpiece is placed and clamped in the press brake machine and it needs to go in between the punch and the die. When set in place, the machine will push the punch in order for the material to be forced and stretched out, following the shape of the die.

Our Press Brake Bending

Across the entire region and state of Indiana, the press brake bending procedures we have here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are among the most sought – and do you want to know why?

We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals utilize computer numerically-controlled (CNC) press brake machines which are the most advanced type of machines. With this machine, a client only needs to do the following in order for them to receive the products and the outputs they need:

  • Submit to us the sketch or the type of product they need (in a vector file)
  • We’ll convert the file into a file or an extension that our CNC machines can read
  • Our expert and professional programmers will program the pattern or the draft into the machine
  • The machine will then generate the products in a uniform manner – creating perfect copies of the product 100%

With our CNC machines, we are able to provide the following advantages and benefits to our clientele:

Because our CNC press brake machines would require little-to-no intervention and help from our operators, it’s going to operate on its own and that’s what CNC machines do best. With that and our excellent programmers, you can expect to receive all the products and the outputs you need faster than the given deadline!

For instance, if you need help in creating somewhere around 1,000 channels and 1,000 I-beams for your construction company and you need it within 15 days, you can count on us! In fact, our CNC press brake machines can accommodate up to 900 produces per hour!

The real work with all of our CNC machines would be on the programming and the setting of the machines to be precise and accurate.

Press brake bending, in itself, is an easy and simple process. However, when done manually, there could be problems with the quality especially with how the client wants to see the final product or output.

You can trust us and our press brake bending procedures just like how other companies and businesses have. You’ll never go wrong with choosing Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals for whatever metal fabrication procedure you need to be done.

Accuracy and precision are the two things that we take pride in. Because the designs and the processes are to be made via our CNC machines, we’re able to help our clients arrive at the most precise and the most accurate types of products and components they need.

It’s safe to say that we’re able to create perfect clones of the product that they need in a fast and urgent manner – without, of course, compromising the overall quality.

You’ll definitely arrive at the best type of product that you need here with us at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals. Whether you need help in the cutting, the bending, the shaping, and the forming of your parts or components, you can count on us.

We’ve helped out dozens of other companies in our experience and they never fell disappointed or dismayed with the caliber of the products and the components that we offer. Contact us now and get the estimate that you need for the production and the fabrication that you require!

Experience world-class quality services with the number one metal fabrication company in the state of Indiana!

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