Laser cutting process-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

Laser Cutting Process

Laser cutting process-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

With the evolution of metal fabrication and manufacturing, it’s easy to see and admit that manufacturers are battling over the best and the most efficient machinery and equipment. Regardless of the type of processor manufacturing, it’s going to be the equipment that’s going to matter.

In the context of metal and steel cutting and manipulation, the laser cutting process is continued to be regarded as the best and the most sought process – and it’s because of several reasons:

Higher Production Speed

Compared to other procedures and methods, the laser cutting process is highly regarded as the method and the type of cutting that guarantees and embodies fast, urgent, and hasty production no matter what material is being worked on.

And when it comes to speed and accuracy, there’s no better company or manufacturer that you can count on than us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals. We are the state’s number on laser cutting and metal fabrication company and we’re always prepared and ready to help you.

Wasteless Process

Compared to regular sawing and cutting, it does not spew waste like sawdust or water (water jetting or water cutting). It leaves a clean pathway and it’s something other procedures are not able to do. Because the laser cutting process uses high-powered beams with radiation, it melts the material away.

The process neither leaves waste nor does it produce any kind of left material after the procedure so it’s a lot cleaner.

Our Laser Cutting Process

So how does our laser cutting process work? What is the overall procedure for it and how is it beneficial to the need and the requirement of certain companies and businesses? To start off, laser cutting, being a value-added service, is a service that you can get from us independently or you can get it to be a part of the entire and the overall metal fabrication process.

The laser cutting process starts with you providing the plans and the draft of how you want the metal or steel to be cut. You’ll be providing this to us, we’ll finalize the design and make sure that all of the measurements and the dimensions are accurate and then we’ll agree with the design.

From there, we will be producing prototypes and samples of it so that you get a feel of what the product will be when it’s done. The prototype or the sample can be anything from the material that you want to work with or if it’s just literally going to be just an example.

Since we utilize computer numerically-controlled (CNC) machines and equipment, we would need to ask our programmers and our engineers to program the design. This is the most difficult and the most tedious part because it’s where everything’s going to be made.

From the measurements and the dimensions of how the lasers are going to cut – to the shape and the final form of the output, it’s what will dictate how the product will turn out to be.

Once that is finalized, we’ll go on in the toggling and the setting of the machines so that they’ll produce only a copy of the product or the component that you are looking to produce.

With our Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals laser cutting process, you can be given the guarantee that you’ll receive clones or exact copies of the products that you need without errors and mistakes. We guarantee 99.99% success and exactness of the products and that’s one of the best things about our laser cutting process.

Safest Method in Metal and Steel Cutting

Because most of the laser cutting machines now are computer numerically-controlled or CNC, less interactions are needed from operators and machinists, connecting it to the fact that it involves a lower and a lot lesser rate of risk compared to regular sawing and metal cutting.

Without the need for operators, there’ll be fewer things to worry about both in your part and our part; in our part because our staff and employees are guaranteed to be safe and in your part because it’s going to be extra high quality because it’s all machine-work!

Like the equipment that we employ here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, the entire state of Indiana is confident whenever they ask us to work on the metal and steel production and fabrication they’re looking for.

Wide-Range of Compatibility

Unlike the regular sawing and cutting procedure, laser cutting types of machinery are more compatible with a wider and larger scale of steels and metals. It can cut through various materials such as aluminum steel, stainless steel, mild steel, nickel, bronze, brass, and many more!

In addition to that, its compatibility in terms of the procedures is better, too! Laser cutting is not entirely only for the procedure of cutting and slicing – engraving, marking, and embedding are also possible activities processes.

Because of the process (where it melts the material away), the intensity can be controlled and it can be utilized for many different reasons.

Why Choose Laser Cutting?

Our company is focused in terms of modernization and the evolution of technology. Although you might have the initiative to shop around and to look for alternatives in the metal and steel cutting procedure, laser cutting would be the best – and it’s self-explanatory based on the benefits and advantages that it has.

We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are more than willing to help you in terms of the creation and the production of all your needed parts. We can be your full-service metal fabrication and contract manufacturing company that you can bank and count on whenever you need help in creating high-quality products and outputs in the cheapest and the most reasonable rate you can receive.

Contact us now and we will be more than happy to supply you with the estimate you need for the production. Trust us – the best and the most sought manufacturer in the state of Indiana to produce the goods and the products you need!

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