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Hardware Insertion

Hardware Insertion-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

The process of fastener or hardware insertion is more often overlooked by many companies and businesses whenever they work with a manufacturer or a metal fabrication corporation. When in fact, it should be one of the few things they should have mapped out.

Hardware insertion is so important that most, if not all electronic and technology companies test out several fabrication companies to see if they’re up to their standards of hardware insertion. But what is hardware insertion and how did it become one of the most important processes in metal fabrication?

Hardware Insertion Overview

Hardware insertion, or also known as fastener insertion, is the manufacturing or the fabrication process where the company inserts fasteners to the product or the component that has been fabricated. This is to complete the product as it is or to make sure that the product or the component is durable enough to carry its operations out.


It sounds simple, right? But actually, it’s a process that many companies fail at because they:

  • Do not have the right amounts of skills in doing so;
  • Are not equipped with the right technologies and tools to perform it; and
  • Do not have knowledge of how it works

In the entire state of Indiana, Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals is the company that is considered by many companies and businesses to be the go-to company for all their metal fabrication processes and requirements.

We’re the company that they have trusted from the cutting, the welding, the bending and braking, the rolling – even the finishing and the assembling. With the wide spectrum of services we’re capable of offering, let us first focus on hardware or fastener insertion.


The hardware that we’re talking about whenever we speak of hardware insertion is fasteners. These are the components and the parts of any equipment that keep everything else from falling apart. For instance, in the body of a car, the different metal sheets aren’t just welded together – they’re secured by fasteners so that when the welding goes off, there’ll be some kind of support aided.

Fasteners can be anywhere from regular nuts, bolts, and screws, to rivets and other different kinds of bolts like U-bolts, elevators, shoulder bolts, etc. The main purpose of these fasteners is to keep the materials and the combination of parts and components from falling apart.

Without it, you would never see parts of a computer standing together as one.

Why Hardware Insertion is Important

So why do you think our hardware insertion here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals is important? Why are we the best in the league when it comes to these services? Hardware or fastener insertion can either be part of the mid-process of metal fabrication or it can be in the assembly part.

Hardware insertion is an essential part because:

Metal fabrication does not guarantee that all of the parts and the components of your equipment and your machines are going to be produced like one. The fact that the welding process is part of metal fabrication means that there’ll be parts needed to be fused and combined together.

Hardware insertion’s responsibility is to provide that “lock” to that combination. Should the welding deteriorate, the fasteners would be there to support the connection between two parts.

In addition to that, there are some pieces in the fabrication method that would have holes – and they can either be designed or planned by the company. To fill these holes up, fasteners and these types of hardware would be required.

One of the few things that fasteners guarantee is the durability of the parts and the components. There would be cases when holes are not meant to be placed in a specific part and to fill it, fasteners would be used.

When fasteners are used, the product or the material would have increased durability and a long-lasting trait that can help the entire product or component have a longer lifespan. It can also prevent some types of products and outputs to be damaged and broken easily.

Some sheet metals, those thin types, would have holes in them – and as we’ve mentioned, they can be on purpose or not. When you work with us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, every hole is a problem. Never will we deliver products and outputs to you when holes like these are present.

Our solution to that is to insert the appropriate type of hardware or fastener in order for it to be more durable and to have longer-lasting effects.

The main goal of hardware insertion is for the products or the outputs to be stronger. It’s not just for style and aesthetics, and as a matter of fact, that’s the least of the matter.

We’ll Help You With Everything

If it’s hardware insertion you need help with, you can absolutely count on us and our merry team of experts here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals. We will and we are capable of helping you with everything – from the regular cutting and slicing procedures to the braking, bending, forming, and shaping; and even to the assembling.

Do you need help in terms of inserting the right size and the right type of hardware to your products and components? Would you require further assistance in terms of the selection of which fastener should be placed and inserted?

Fret not because we at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals will be more than happy and willing to help you with your concern. Several companies in various industries and niches have trusted us – and you can too!

Call us if you need any kind of help and assistance with any of the metal fabrication processes and we will never fail or disappoint you. You are one call away from experiencing not only the best but also the most sought and the most relied on the company in the entire state of Indiana.

Contact us now and get the estimate that you are in need of!

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