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Powder Coatings

Powder coatings-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

There are many different types and kinds of finishes and one of the most prevalent is powder coating. Powder coating is considered by many fabrication companies and manufacturers to be the most powerful and the most useful types of finishes because it offers a long-lasting and durable effect to the material, part, or component that has been fabricated.

Here with us at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, you will never be disappointed with the powder coatings that we offer. We produce only the best and the highest quality of powder coating and you will definitely want to work with us again for it.

But are you aware of how the entire process of powder coating works? What types of ingredients and elements are involved?

The Process of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a type of finish that is dry. Instead of wetting the material to let it dry, it utilizes dry and finely ground plastic powder for the coat.

It can be a mix of smoothened abrasives as well as other different major ingredients including:

  • Non-solvent curing agents
  • Resin
  • Additives
  • Tint Pigments
  • Post Additives
  • Extenders for the coat

The benefits that we can promise when you allow us to finish your material include:

Unlike other forms of finishing, the curing process of powder coating allows the paint to melt and then reform back again, combining all the ingredients and the elements of the dry plastic powder together. This triggers chemical reactions from the ingredients, bonding them more.

That being said, the resistance that powder coating provides to different types of problems are heightened. These problems include chipping, scratching, flaking, rusting, corrosion, and many more.

Without the use of solvents, the powder coating that we perform here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals would really be the one thing you would like to finish your product or your component with.

The chemical reactions that happen in curing are only effective on the surface of the product or the output alone and it does not release and spew out any type of dangerous and hazardous chemical to the atmosphere.

Since powder coating does not have any type of solvents, the maintenance is usually and regularly cheap – and you don’t need to apply solvents to maintain it properly. Regular water with good quality soap will usually do the trick.

Even if you scrub it, you would not be worried about the paint or the coating being scraped off – that’s one of the main benefits that the curing does in the entire powder coating procedure.

In comparison to other types of coating, the electromagnetic charge that produces the power of the coating procedure wastes little-to-no energy and waste in the process. Unlike metal plating where you’ll be dipping the material, you’ll have no use for the chemical you’ve concocted after.

To add to that, our professionals are knowledgeable and skilled in the process, making the procedure exactly to how you want your product or output to be finished.

Mixing the Ingredients

In addition to its easy job, powder coating strays from the use of solvents which can be both bad for the environment as well as the health of the people who are inhaling it. The process of powder coating is easy – the mix or the blend of the ingredients in the device while the material is dipped in a solution that would clean or neutralize its surface.

Electromagnetic Application

Contrary to how paint or color is applied via other procedures, the process of powder coating is regarded as the best and the most convenient way because it uses a specialized paint gun that would be shot through electromagnetic forces, causing the paint to be thrown and dismissed at the object.

When it’s applied, the part that is being coated is grounded – this is to provide the opposite charge attracting the particles as they are sprayed. This is what’s responsible for the sticking of the paint.

Curing of the Material

Once the entire surface of the part of the component is painted, it is then cured. It is placed in an oven that has a minimum temperature of 320 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature melts the powder and plastic, making it melt and form together again stronger and more durably.

When it cools from the temperature it has been exposed to, the surface is finished and will look like it has a gel-like consistency which is perfect when you are looking for strength, long-lasting effects, and the complete durability.

We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals have been studying many different kinds of finishes and coating but we stuck with powder coating as our primary way of metal and steel finishing because we’re aware of the benefits and the advantages that it has over other forms of coating.

Why Are We Different?

What makes us different than all the other fabrication companies and manufacturers out in the market? For one, we at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals have dearly and heavily invested in the advanced machinery and equipment we use.

We’re up-to-date with the latest and the best type of equipment so everything that we do is faster, better, more efficient, and it provides a better quality of finish.

In addition to that, you can count on us because we perform a final inspection of the products we provide. Even if we perform the coating, we’re diligent enough to check on the final output of the product and we will be more than happy to maintain and to check on the status of it entirely.

So if you need a manufacturer and a metal fabrication company that you can trust, there’s no doubt that it’s us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals that you should bank on. Many companies and businesses have and they never felt the need to look for a different company to deal with the finishing of their products!

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