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Structural Steel Rolling

Structural Steel Rolling-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

Steel and metal rolling have been part of the most important and the most sought services in manufacturing and in the metal fabrication industry. Because of the fact that rolled steel has been very useful and very essential in the industry, several companies have invested a lot in it.

When it comes to structural steel rolling, there’s no better company to work with than us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals. We’re the go-to company of manufacturers, fabrication companies, and even construction companies for whenever they needed help in curving, bending, and rolling steel.

Since our initial appearance in the industry, we had one goal – and that was to make sure that our clients get the type of rolled steel or metal that they intended to have. Because of that, our company leaders decided to put more money and thought into the expansion of the different processes of steel and metal fabrication.


Steel and Metal Experts

Whatever type of procedure you need with your steel, metal, or your alloys, you can count on us and our band of professionals, engineers, and fabrication experts and professionals.

Whether you need help with regular steel and metal cutting using different equipment and machines; or if you need expert assistance with the bending, forming, and shaping of metals – even the stretching and the rolling, we have the best people who can help.

What We Can Help You With

What proves that our company is the best in these types of processes and procedures? Well, if you need any of the following products, parts, components, and outputs, we’re just one call away:

  • Channels and Bars
  • Angles and Wide Angles
  • T-Sections
  • Piping, Tubing, and Fitting
  • I-Beams
  • Rails
  • Square and Flat Bars
  • And Many More

With our advanced steel shaping, forming, bending, and rolling equipment and types of machinery, you can expect to receive all the parts and components that you need for your project. Whatever industry you might be in, we will be able to help you.

Our Wise Investments

As a company, we never disregarded the learning, knowledge, and the investments that we could have made back when the company was still young. In fact, we’ve put our money on where we can improve and develop our procedures and our processes more for us to be able to assist and support the needs of various businesses and companies in the industry.

We’ve purchased different equipment and we’ve inculcated computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining and technologies in almost all our equipment and machines – from CNC press brakes, CNC laser cutting machines, to CNC milling machines and turning machines.

With these investments, clients can trust us more and they can get more of what they need from us – swiftly, urgently, and with absolute ease!

We Offer Both Hot and Cold Steel Rolling

You might not be aware of the type of rolling you need – whether you need hot or cold-rolled steel – but regardless of what you want and need, all of the experts we have here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals can help you.

For a brief definition, hot rolled steel is the product of rolled steel that has been processed in high temperatures (usually higher than 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the crystallization temperatures of steels and metals).

By doing so, the metal or steel is more malleable, making it easier to be formed and shape. This allows certain metals and steels to be easily manipulated and worked with. One of the main advantages that hot rolled steel has is its flexibility – not precision and accuracy.

After the hot steel rolling process, it is then cooled; in the process, the steel that is being worked with slightly shrinks – and it’s somehow deformed. You would want hot rolled steel as your rolled steel if you need steel that are:

  • Malleable and flexible
  • Can be bent, formed, reshaped, and enhanced
  • Does not have a smooth surface
  • Subtle rounded edges

Now that you know where hot rolled steel is perfect for, then it would now be easy and simple for you to decide on cold rolled steel, too. But for the benefit of everyone, cold-rolled steel, as opposed to hot rolled steel, is a steel rolling process that is done in low and regular room temperatures.

However, cold-rolled steel is more expensive because it goes further than the hot steel rolling process. When hot rolled steel has been done cooling, it is then processed and re-rolled at room temperature for achieving exact and accurate measurements and dimensions.

You would want cold rolled steel if you are:

  • Going to use it for furniture and for structural or construction
  • Looking to go for square and well-defined edges and ends
  • Wanting for it to be straightened and rigid

Whatever type of structural steel rolling process you need, you can count on us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals to help you. We have heavily-experienced metal workers and metal fabrication experts and you’ll definitely get what you are looking for.

We’re the Best in Structural Steel Rolling

Our experts and engineers can provide generic rolled steel based on your liking or customized rolled steel – and that would require you to submit some type of design or engineering to us. We can help you should you need help in terms of hot rolling steel or cold rolling steel.

Working with us can give and provide to you the types and the qualities of steel and metal that you need and in whatever shape you need it to be.

Give us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals a call and we will be more than happy to help you with your requests. Contact us and get the quote you’re looking for in the production and the fabrication of your rolled steel!

If you need help with structural steel rolling, there’s no better company than us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals! You are just one call away from experiencing robust-quality and world-class quality services!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Indiana. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Indiana.

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