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Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

Services-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

It is not only a metal fabrication expert and a contract manufacturer – we’re more than that. As a matter of fact, our services clearly define the skills and expertise that we have.

More and more of our clients are starting to wonder how we’re able to come up with the solutions they needed – and they’re loving their experience with us every step of the way.

So if you want to know what the services we do are, you’re just on the right page! Here are the main services that you can entrust to us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals should you need professional help and assistance.

Laser Cutting

Need to cut through steel, metal, and other different types of alloy quickly and neatly? Our laser cutting is the perfect solution for that! We have the best and the highest-powered machines and we can guarantee success at whatever project you have!


Our fabricating skills are able to produce even the most complex and the most complicated of metallic materials and products that all industries would need for their project.

Pumping Equipment

We at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals can offer the most reliable and the most dependable pumping equipment for your structural and construction needs!

Fabricated Products

The fabricated products that we offer here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals will truly be for the benefit of you and your business – gather the comprehensiveness of our fabrication process fully!

High-Mix, Low-Volume

Need to produce a high mix of products in low amounts of production? We can help you! Our fully-automated equipment and machineries will be the answer you’ve been longing for!

TIG Welding

With the complexity of TIG welding, you’ll never have to worry about welding different types of parts and components. Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals is a company that can help you with it entirely!

Press Brake Bending

Bending, forming, and shaping of metal are services that we can do for you too! And we use press brakes in whatever process you might need!

Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal, being the simplest and the most basic component in metal fabrication, needs to be bent in order for it to take the shape and the form of whatever product or component you want to create.

Sheet Metal Rolling

Need either hot or cold rolled sheet metal? You can count on us to help you with those! Using our advanced machines, we can produce all of the rolled metal you need for your business and for your project!

Sheet Metal Finishing

The finalization of the metal fabrication process – it’s where all the products we’ve created are reborn and re-enhanced.

CNC Machining

Through the use of advanced machinery and equipment, our CNC machining procedures are the reasons for the fast-paced production that we have.

CNC Turning

Using the advanced CNC turning machines we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals have invested on, we are able to produce all of the cylindrical outputs and components our clients asked for.

Laser Cutting Design

We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals can also help you in terms of the design and the overall engineering of the products and components you want to manufacture.

Metal Fabrication

With the metal fabrication process that we offer here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, we will be able to help you with all the processes from start to end! Allow us to create and fabricate the needed parts and components that you need for your business!

Mixing Equipment

Should you need to have mixing equipment for your waterproofing, fireproofing, or for your stucco projects, the mixing equipment we have in our arsenal will truly be something you will definitely fall in love with!

Contract Manufacturing

Should you feel this need to outsource the production or the manufacturing of some of your products, we’re the best company you can deal with!

Low Volume Manufacturing

Because we’re a company that focuses on lean manufacturing, we specialize in the manufacturing of products in low volume, too!

Spot Welding

In the welding of two sheet metals, spot welding is known to be the best and the most effective – and our welders are skilled and adept in these, too!

Press Braking

The process of press braking or the bending and folding of steel is one of the strengths that you can count on us on.

Steel Bending

In steel bending, the machines and the skills that our workers have here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals will definitely be something you will never forget!

Structural Steel Rolling

Similar to many different kinds and types of industries, the construction or the structural industry is big as well when it comes to structural steel rolling. And we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals can create the most rigid and the most durable rolled steel that you need!

Sheet Metal Edge Rounding

To keep everyone working on the product safe, you can count on us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals to perform the sheet metal edge rounding that you need.

Small Batch CNC Machining

Our CNC machining processes partnered with small batch production results to a perfectly produced low volume of products and outputs.

Powder Coated Fabricated Assemblies

Our expertise in powder coating is something that you can take advantage of should you need help in the creation of finished assemblies.

Laser Cutting Process

The extensive laser cutting process that we do can be dissected into different parts – and understanding it will make you fall in love with us even more! Our extensive laser cutting process will help you cut just about anything, from regular mild steel – to the hardest of bronze and brass!

Metal Fabrication and Engineering

How our metal fabrication process is engineered will truly be one of the best things you will ever experience in the time of your business. We can also be the one to finalize the overall engineering and design of your products, too!

Powder Coatings

When it comes to the finishing of products, there’s nothing better than the powder coatings that we offer. We’ll leave your products and your outputs in the most elegant and the most durable ways they can be in.

Job Shop

Allow us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals to produce wide variations of the products that you offer to your customers. We can specify and articulate whatever you need in your own liking!

MIG Welding

The simplest and the most basic type of welding method – but the most efficient and the most effective! We have the best and the most experienced welders capable of performing MIG welding!

Aerospace Welding

The process of creating and welding of certain parts and components of aircraft, defense vehicles, and even astronomical mediums are something that we can accommodate too!

Press Brake Machine

The press brake machines that we have are all computer numerically- controlled (CNC) – and we can accommodate your needs better and more efficiently.

Structural Steel Bending

The construction industry is one of the most diverse and the widest industries. That’s why we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals have learned to specialize in structural steel bending, too!

Outsourced Fabricated Products and Goods

Should you find yourself needing a company that can fabricate good and products for your project or your company, we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are the best in it!

Hardware Insertion

As a part of the assembly process, the hardware insertion that we offer is high-grade and technical. We, as a company, are adept in utilizing many different types and kinds of hardware and fasteners.

CNC Milling

The CNC milling processes we offer all our clients are for the complete betterment and improvement of their final products and outputs.

With all of these main services, you can be sure that we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are the one and only company that you can trust with your business – we never failed any of our clients – we will never fail you!


We service multiple cities throughout the state of Indiana. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Indiana.

If you don’t see your city listed or a specific service listed, don’t worry. All you have to do is contact us by either giving us a call or filling out our online contact form. Then we’ll discover what are some of the top solutions for you, your business, and executing a solid solution.

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