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Press Brake Machine

Press Brake Machine-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

What is a press brake machine? A press brake machine, in its simplest terms, is a machine or equipment in the manufacturing and fabrication industry that takes care of the bending, shaping, and the forming of metal.

It is mainly used to form and bend metals into different shapes and products depending on the need of the client. There are two (2) main types of press brake machines in the market: the hydraulic press brakes and the electronic press brakes.

As you may have known, the hydraulic press brake is more of like the ancestral type of press brakes. It has been the primary machine used by manufacturers and fabrication companies decades ago, and as a matter of fact, it’s still widely used until now.

Electronic press brakes, on the other hand, are the newer and the more advanced types of press brake machines as it operates remotely and it’s operated through the use of machinery and advanced equipment.

We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are famous for our metal fabrication procedure as we are able to work on a wide range and spectrum of metals, steels, and alloys without errors. In fact, we’ve been considered by many different businesses and companies in the region as their go-to company for whenever they need help in creating and producing fabricated products and outputs – and what do we use? Electronic press brake machines.

A Short History of Press Brake Machines

As you may have guessed, press brake machines didn’t actually spring to life automatically – and back then, metal workers manually bent and formed steel and metal manually. They used a shaper and they pounded the metal with a ball-peen hammer to successfully arrive at the shape they needed.

Time passed on and the invention of the first models of the press brakes was released. It was not long enough until it reached the hydraulic press brakes that we now know of – and eventually, the electronic press brake machines.

We at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals utilize computer numerically-controlled (CNC) press brake machines and it’s all for the betterment and the development of our clients’ needs.

Our CNC Press Brake Machines

Why should you choose to work with Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals? What benefits and advantages can they offer you?

Advantages of Working With Us

Since we utilize CNC press brake machines, you can expect that our machines can help you bend anywhere up to 700 to 800 bends per hour, regardless of the thickness and the girth of the product. With its increased productivity, you can be sure that it can help you conserve energy because it will be exerting only the required force to bend and to form the product. With higher productivity, you can expect to receive multiple products and outputs in a shorter time and in the lesser effort.

Productivity and efficiency are two of the main reasons why companies love working with us.

Using our CNC press brake machines, we can guarantee and give you the assurance that we’ll be able to provide faster and swifter delivery of whatever products or outputs you need.

The speed that our CNC press brake machines have compared to the manual press brake machines is double and it’s definitely something you would want to take advantage of, especially if you need products and outputs fast and urgently.

You can expect to receive help and assistance from us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals.

Should you need help in terms of producing and manufacturing the same exact products and outputs, you can trust our CNC press braking machines. Whatever the design and the engineering of your final outputs and products are, we can work to make it uniform.

Our CNC machines can create, produce, and manufacture 100% exact copies of the products and outputs that you need. The uniformity of products is one of the best and the most-sought features that you can get when you decide that it’s us you want to work with.

If it’s the ease of operations you’re looking for, then you definitely would want to work with us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals. The CNC machines that we utilize are all computer numerically-controlled, and that basically means that less labor is needed.

As a matter of fact, one operator can handle multiple machines at a time. For example, if there are 3 press brake machines working, the operator can toggle to each of the machines to check if it’s efficient and it’s working. Moreover, they can also work on the same machine toggling each of the segments of it.

With the user-friendly controls that it offers, you’ll definitely have an easy and a wonderful time because we can produce fast and efficiently and it’s going to cost you less because we would have less labor.

Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals can guarantee all of those benefits and advantages because we utilize CNC machines which are the most efficient and the most effective in the industry.

So if you need help when it comes to the creation and the production of multiple bent and formed steel and metal sheets, you can count on us – the same way how other companies, businesses, and even other manufacturers have.

Should you need urgent help and assistance, you can count on us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, the best and the most trusted manufacturer and metal fabrication company in the state.

Work with us and receive all of the fabricated metal and steel you need in the fastest and the most urgent times possible. Call us now and get the estimate and the quotation that you need in order for you to come up with the decision whether or not you’re going to work with us.

When you work with other companies, you’ll think about when you’ll receive it because they’ll disclose to you a timeframe; but with us, we’ll be certain on the number of days when we’ll be delivering the products.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Indiana. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Indiana.

If you don’t see your city listed or a specific service listed, don’t worry. All you have to do is contact us by either giving us a call or filling out our online contact form. Then we’ll discover what are some of the top solutions for you, your business, and executing a solid solution.

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