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Low Volume Manufacturing

Low-volume manufacturing-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

From its term alone, you already know what low volume manufacturing is. For people who are not equipped with the knowledge to be on the same page, low volume manufacturing is the type of manufacturing that does not require thousands of pieces per day – these are the products that are valuable enough that a few hundreds of production per day are already enough.

Low volume manufacturing is one of the few lean manufacturing methods and strategies and we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are more than happy to share with you the skills and the expertise that we have in this type of manufacturing.

First and foremost, let us first have an in-depth understanding of what low volume manufacturing is. Is it the manufacturing and the production of only a few goods per day? Per month? Or is it something deeper and more complicated than that?


What Low Volume Manufacturing Is

Low volume manufacturing is the type of manufacturing that involves the production of about 50 to just 100,000 parts. Basically, low volume manufacturing produces a specific type of product only in few numbers in order to avoid overproduction and surplus.

This type of strategy is done by many different companies especially businesses that have a wide range of products in the market. For instance, the creation of aerospace and automotive parts and components; because of the short demand, companies must first have to consider the demand and the flow of the products from sellers to consumers.

Doing so can help them with a lot in terms of the development and the improvement of their business. We at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are the company that you can count on if you need help with low volume manufacturing. And so, what benefits and advantages can this type of manufacturing give you?

Why Low Volume Manufacturing?

Deciding whether low volume manufacturing is the type of strategy for you will all come down to the reasons why it’s gotten. What types of benefits can low volume manufacturing give you? How can this help and aid you in your business’s sales?

With low volume manufacturing, you’ll be able to get the flexibility that you want for your business. For example, if you’re unsure of how the demand is for one of your products, you can produce a small amount of it and assess whether or not producing more of it will be better for your company.

Imagine two types of products: Component 1 and Component 2; based on the previous demand, component 1 has a lot of demand – so you go ahead and produce 100 units of it. However, when you released component 2, some of your consumers and your customers switched their desire from getting a hold of component 1 to component 2.

The effect of that is you:

  • Produce the wrong amount of units and models for one type of product; and
  • You produce more of the wrong model or unit

But with low volume manufacturing, you’ll be flexible – you will be given the chance to adjust to the market faster and better.

In addition to the flexibility that it provides, low volume manufacturing also saves you money – a lot of money. In the same example, if you’ve done the necessary research, you’ll know that you would not need any more of component 1 because component 2 has everything it has – and it’s even better.

In effect, you save money in the creation of the extra units of component 1 that you can use for other purposes, and quite possibly, you can use for the creation of more units and types of component 2.

With sufficient knowledge of how your market moves, you will be able to get an easier read of the market and the demand of your consumers. Producing your products in lower volumes and quantities will enable you to see the market in a clearer and bigger picture – and thus, you will have a better and faster time to market.

Should you need help in terms of producing your products and outputs in a volume that is efficient, you can count on us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals. We’ll teach you and guide you in terms of how you can properly read and interpret your clients’ opinions further.

Last, but most definitely not the least of the benefits that low volume manufacturing provides is the ability to bridge and to prototype the real production of the outputs and the products that you are offering to the public.

You can work on small and little volume at first and work it out, increasing it depending on how your consumers react to the production. Since you’ll be able to have a better read of the market, you can use this opportunity for you to figure out the likeness of your clients.

Why Work With Us?

Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals will not be deemed and looked at as the best and the most reliable manufacturer if we’re not performing. Performance is something that we specialize on and that’s what we can absolutely help you with.

When it comes to low volume manufacturing, we know our limits – we will give you our suggestions and recommendations but the decision is totally up to you. In addition to that, you’ll never have to worry about how you can find the perfect vendor or supplier because we’ll do it for you too.

The vast network and connection that we have will be the only help we’ll need to help you lessen your costs and your production expenses, and abide by the lean manufacturing strategies and techniques that low volume manufacturing offers.

Give us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals a call and save yourself the stress of finding the right manufacturer that you can work with! We can also send you the estimate that you need by just contacting us!

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