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Job shop-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

In the world of manufacturing, it’s not always mass or large volume production – even if you see multiple types of units and models under the same brand, it’s not a product of large batch manufacturing, instead, it’s a product of a job shop.

A job shop is a type of manufacturing process that produces small batches of a variety of different products. Each product is unique and they have their own specific type of workflow and processing steps in order to achieve the specificity that the company needs.

There are many different job shop manufacturers in the state of Indiana but only one remains to be at the top of the industry’s ladder – and that is us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals. Because of our drive and our urge for excellence, we have been the manufacturer that various businesses and institutions have trusted and we never failed to deliver.


Our Commitment

Being a contract manufacturer and an expert job shop production company, we can accommodate to all of the needs that you have – whether you’re in the retail and commercial industry, or if you’re in the cutlery, the automotive, and in the aerospace industry, you can count on us to produce the best and the highest quality of products that you need!

You can count on us to produce a wide range of products and outputs for your business and you will never regret your decision of working with us.

Many companies and businesses have tried working with us and they left us with nothing but commendations and great words for we have helped and assisted them in the production of the products and the outputs that they were in dire need of.

Choosing Us: What’s the Deal?

So why should you choose us over other job shop manufacturing companies? Why should we be the ones you’d choose?

In all aspects and business industries, you can count on us because we have the flexibility of experts and professionals. Whatever type of product or group of products you need to be produced, we’re just one call away and we will help you even in the procurement of the materials that you need!

With the help and the assistance of our professionals and industry-specific experts, you will not worry about the functionality and the characteristics of the products and the outputs that we produce.

Following the expertise and the skill of the engineers, fabrication experts, and the manufacturing professional under our employ, you will not have a single problem in the quality and the caliber of the products and the outputs that we produce.

Before our products leave our offices and our workplaces, they all have been inspected and evaluated properly. The last thing that we want is for you to receive bad-quality products and outputs and that is something that you can entrust to us.

Do you need your products and your outputs fast and urgently? There’s no question that we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are the best company that you can work with. We will never leave you out with your deadlines – we can even submit faster than the deadlines that you set!

With just one call, you can expect to receive the quality and the goodness of our services without you spending a fortune on it. Try our services out now and never regret your decision of choosing the best, the most-sought, and the highest-rated manufacturer and fabrication company in the state!

Job Shop vs. Flow Shop

Manufacturing can be very tricky and difficult to understand but when you get to comprehend what a job shop is compared to a flow shop, then you’ll have an easier time navigating through the manufacturing world and dimension.

From their term alone, they’re already different. If a job shop is a manufacturing process that promotes the production of a wide variety of customized goods and products; and if the procedures are different and specific to what each of the products and components is, what is a flow shop?

A flow shop, on the other hand, is a manufacturing process in which all of the products only flow in one line – there are no complex and complicated issues like there are in job shops and the goal of a flow shop is to produce uniformity in the outputs and products exponentially.

Job Shop Example

To understand it better, let’s pretend that we at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals received a contract or a production request from you, a can-making company. You would need the help of our job shop manufacturing if you:

  • Look to produce cans but vary in color (for the sake of this example, let’s use the colors green, red, and black)
  • Want to have a standard amount for each of the products that would be produced and manufactured

In a job shop setting, we would be creating, let’s say 100 green-colored cans, 80 red-colored cans, and 50 black-colored cans. As our responsibility, we need to make sure that we create all of those at the same time for us to deliver the products to you.

Flow Shop Example

Understanding the idea of a flow shop is simple; if you’re a can-making company and you need to produce generic-colored cans, you would need a flow shop because a flow shop can:

  • Produce faster than a job shop because of its uniformity
  • Be automated easily because it does not require different variations of the products
  • Be optimized easier because it is easy to tell and quantify

Now that you know the differences between a job and a flow shop – what type of manufacturing process do you need for your business? Are you looking to get and produce a wide variety of products and outputs?

If you deem that you need the assistance and the expertise in job shop manufacturing, you can count on us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals.

Contact us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals and get the highest quality of the products that you need!

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