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Mixing Equipment

Mixing Equipment-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

The type of mixing equipment that you’d want for your construction or your structural project must be the type that can accommodate every need you want it to have. There are a ton of different construction and mixing equipment out in the market today but how can you land on the best and the highest caliber of equipment?

Here with us at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, you will never have a problem when it comes to the production and the manufacturing of mixing equipment; all the equipment we have produced and manufactured have worked for our clients and they got what they needed.

Why Are We the Best?

How come our company is considered as the best in the manufacturing and the fabrication industry? What things and factors do our equipment have that make it the most sought in the industry? Before we get to that, it is important to have a full understanding of what makes mixing equipment good.

Because of the industry that they’ll be used in, all mixing equipment needs to be durable, strong, and portable. Where they’ll be placed and located is inevitable, so it is imperative for these mixing equipment to be adaptable to wherever they are.

Mixing Equipment Uses

The main use of these mixing equipment is to mix or to combine different types of material. Their goal is to blend different materials and fluids in order for them to be able to use it for their construction project. A good mixer must be able to blend and mix:

  • Paint and Coating
  • Buffer Prep Solutions
  • Mud, Fluids, and Other Liquids
  • Dye in the Form of Mulch and Coatings
  • Stucco
  • And Many More

With the expertise and the knowledge that we have here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals, you’ll be able to blend anything, even the heaviest and the thickest of liquids and fluids.

Our Mixers

So what traits and characteristics do our mixers and mixing equipment have that make them special in the industry? How were we able to create and produce these types of mixing equipment as well as other types of construction equipment?

Through never-ending efforts, continuous learning, and innovation, we were able to come up with a plan that deeply embodies the solutions and the needs of all our clients. Our mixers have been deeply regarded as the most advanced and the most solid equipment in construction because of the following traits and features.

As engineers and fabricators, we understand that your projects might require you to switch locations and positions, causing the equipment to be tossed around from one place to another. Good thing that all our mixing equipment are all lightweight, they’re portable and they’ll fit wherever you need to put them.

It’s so thin and lightweight that it’s able to fit through a 38-inch path and doorway, meaning that it’s capable of fitting through a service elevator.

One of the best things about our mixers and our mixing equipment is the fact that you’ll easily be able to clean it whenever you need to. Both the mix tubes and the hopper can easily be removed – and you’ll never have to use advanced tools and equipment for it.

They can easily be removed and displaced, and you will be able to clean it only with water safely!

Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals has made all our construction equipment and machines to be efficient for the use of different construction companies and contractors. With the paddle and the auger combined, the correct density and blend of the materials is a guarantee – though you may have to regularly check on it, it would not require you to operate heavily, saving time, labor – and money!

In addition to that, it also has a digital water gauge – you’ll never have to guess how much water is in the tank!

With our mixing equipment, you can expect that you’ll be able to use it in many different applications such as blending or mixing:

  • Waterproofing fluids and mixtures
  • Fireproofing fluids and mixtures
  • Concrete for repair and construction
  • Creation of plaster
  • And many more

The wide range of uses that it can provide is one of the primary reasons why it’s loved by so many construction companies, contractors, and even manufacturers. It’s easy to sell and it’s something you’ll absolutely love!

Unlike manual mixing machines and equipment, our mixers would not require you and your operators to add more water frequently, nor would it require you to dump the mixture into the pump in order for it to work and to operate.

With our mixers and our pump equipment combined, you can be carefree that the operations you’ll have will run smoothly and you’ll never encounter huge and grave problems with it.

We’ll Give You the Savings You Need

The different types of mixing equipment that we offer here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are all efficient to the point that our clients will not have to worry about hiring or getting an operator or a laborer that’s skilled and knowledgeable in the industry – even new workers are able to operate on our machines!

With this, you’ll absolutely get the savings that you need by hiring only a few operators or contractual workers on the project that you need!

Work With the Best Manufacturer and Fabrication Company!

We’re considered as the best manufacturer and fabrication company in the entire state of Indiana because all our services and our products are pointing towards the efficiency and the effectiveness of your projects.

The investments that we have made are all for the purpose of improving and developing the business and the performance of your business!

A lot of different companies and businesses have trusted us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals and we never failed to provide the quality that they’ve been looking for. Call us now and get the best mixing equipment for your project!

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