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Sheet Metal Edge Rounding

Sheet metal edge rounding-Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals

Sheet metal is considered as the cell of the entire metal fabrication method – it’s where most, if not all types of metallic products and components start and without it, some of the most important and the most essential materials you know of today will not be existent.

But as important as sheet metal, the rounding of its edges is relevant too and it’s more than just for show and for aesthetics. Sheet metal edge rounding is one of the few, but most important finishing methods and techniques are done in metal fabrication.

From its term alone, you already know that it’s the act of rounding or deburring the edges of sheet metal. But what is it for other than aesthetics?

We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are proud to discuss to you the importance and the overall use of sheet metal edge rounding. We can also give you bits of insights about our sheet metal edge rounding processes and procedures and why it’s relevant in the metal fabrication and the manufacturing industry.

Why Round Your Sheet Metals’ Edges?

Here are some of the reasons why it is necessary for us to debur or to round the edges of the sheet metals we would be delivered to you.

When you order sheet metals from us, chances are, you’d still work on it. You can either bring it to a press brake, a straightening machine, a milling machine, a roller, or any other type of equipment to further improve and develop it.

Without rounding or deburring its edges, you run the risk of damaging and even possibly bricking your machines. So, it is important for you to get the edges of your metal sheets rounded or deburred.

Not rounding both the inner and outer contours of the edges can make the paint or the coating slip, resulting in a coating that might be a failure. However, if you choose to round the edges, the quality of the adhesion from the coating or the paint will stick.

In addition to that, rounding the edges is important because it provides some type of corrosion protection on the edges and the adjacent parts of the sheet metal, too.

Most companies and businesses would look for the ISO certification of a fabrication company or a manufacturer; this is for their own protection, anyways. Rounding the edges is some type of compliance for the standard set by the ISO as well as the standards that most companies, businesses, and other manufacturers are looking for.

Failure to comply can result in different types of warnings as it can be dangerous for the company you’re supplying it too.

Last but most definitely not the least of all the reasons why deburring is relevant is because of the fact that it provides a better aesthetic of the sheet metal. Other than the fact that it will help you save your clients’ workers from fatal accidents and injuries, it looks good on metal sheets too!

Let’s Talk About Sheet Metal

Sheet metal can vary in shape, size, form, and type – it can be regular mild steel, it can be stainless steel, aluminum steel, even brass, and bronze. Because of this fact, sheet metal can be hard to maintain and work on, especially if the metal fabrication company or the manufacturer is not adept in working with the different types of alloys and metals.

More often than not, sheet metals are rectangular in form and would be thick according to the likeness of a certain client. It can be thin, thick, short, or long – and its edges are definitely sharp.

The metal fabrication process is a fast-paced process and it usually produces high-end parts and components that companies and businesses would find relevant uses for. Because of this, the edges or the ends of sheet metal are critically dangerous especially for workers and for fabrication professionals.

Rounding the Edges

The main importance of rounding the edges of sheet metals is to make sure that all the workers are safe from any type of harm; and it can be our workers – and your workers. Let’s take this as an example:

You contact us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals to create aluminum steel sheet metals for your project. You want it finished via powder coating it because you only want to cut it minimally.

We deliver sheet metals in which the ends and edges aren’t rounded. This imposes some type of risk or danger to your people because it’s sharp, it can cut deep, and it can cause many different kinds and types of injuries. In our part, we may have been able to produce high-quality sheet metals, but it’s not safe for use.

The only way to avoid that from happening is by doing a sheet metal edge rounding process – not only does it round the edges of the sheet metal, but it also provides a handsome finish to it too.

And take note; that is only an example – all the sheet metals, in fact, all of the products and the outputs that we create and manufacture here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are all finished, deburred, and finalized.

But aside from the safety of your workers, how can the rounding of the edges be beneficial for you and your company?

We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals never failed to impress all of our clients with our deburring procedures – it’s safe, efficient, and overall – it looks a lot better compared to it not being deburred or rounded!

If in the event you find yourself needing a company that you can count on when it comes to sheet metal edge rounding, there’s no better company to work with than us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals. With just one call, we will let you experience world-class quality services without asking you to pay for a fortune!

Contact us now and be free from the dangers and the risks of sharp sheet metal edges!

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