Have you been longing for a manufacturer and a metal fabrication company that carries the real deal? Do you need help in terms of the production of some of your metallic goods and products? We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are always open to help any type of business and in whatever industry they might be.


About Our Company

Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals is a company that’s focused on excellence and superiority. We never settle for less, as a matter of fact, we want to always be at the top of the industry’s ladder no matter how hard the situation is.

With many of our competitors rising and becoming a name in the industry, we never stop learning and improving the services and the procedures that we perform. From the acquisition of state-of-the-art and the most advanced equipment and machineries, to the continuous learning and picking up of knowledge and skills, we’ll never be left out.

The company started as a regular steel and metal bending company that roamed the entire state of Indiana. After some time of learning the wider and the more efficient tricks of the trade, we transfigured into a complete metal fabrication company – with the bending and shaping becoming one of our value-added services.

From there, we transitioned into just being a metal fabricator to being a contract manufacturer and metal fabrication company, specializing in the creation of anything in the likes of metals, steels, and alloys.

Our company grew from its family-sized business to over 500+ employees in just 2 decades – and we are now considered as the state’s most dependable and most reliable manufacturer and metal fabrication company.

As a company that started in a small rental space in the heart of Indiana, time went on and we moved from different places in the state, capturing the market and adjusting based on the needs and the processes we are able to commit to.

Now, we’ve settled into a 50,000 square feet facility that handles most of the fabrication operations and manufacturing operations that we do.

You can take a walk around our facility and appreciate the organization and the cleanliness that it has. We’re sure that most manufacturers would not even care less about it because they think that it’s “only the place where the work is done,” but that principle does not work with us.

In fact, we believe that the workplace clearly reflects the type of attitude a certain manufacturer has when it comes to their business – and when you see ours, you’ll be amazed at how mesmerizing it is.

What We Offer

You might be wondering what services and processes we offer and don’t worry, we got that covered. Some of the things that we’re famous for include the ultra-quality laser cutting procedures that perform – this is the process that we use in cutting and slicing through even 6” thick metal; the press brake bending and the forming that we offer – down to the finishing and the overall assembling of our clients’ needed products and components.

To give you a more detailed insight into what our most famous services are, here are some of them.

Laser Cutting Process

Though laser cutting is more known to be an effective tool in cutting apparel and clothes, we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals have modified it for it to be able to cut through even the thickest and the most girthed type of steel and metal.

Within minutes, our laser cutting machines are able to cut through a whole standard piece of metal sheet with perfect dimensions, smooth edges, and no waste involved.

Steel and Sheet Metal Bending

Through the use of our high-powered computer numerically controlled, or CNC press brake machines, we are able to bend, form, and shape steel and metal according to the likeness of all our clients and customers.

In our time in the industry, we never failed any of our clients in giving them what they wanted and what they needed. The accuracy and the power that our press brakes have gone beyond the regular strength that manual press brakes have.


We here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals have been awarded as the company who can perform the best, the most effective, and the cleanest finishing in all the types of steel and metal that you might have.

Our powder coating procedures and strategies definitely captured our clients hard and that’s the reason why we maximized all of our skills in it. We improved and we developed our powder coating procedure because we know that our clients will keep on coming back to it – and that’s how it all really went.


So you have parts and components of certain products and equipment but you’re not entirely sure how you will be able to pick them up together to assemble it – that’s perfect because we here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals are equipped with the best and the most advanced machinery that can accommodate to your assembly request!

We can assemble generic products such as hand tools, enclosures and brackets, and even structural and construction fabricated metals, and we’re also able to accommodate the need for industry-specific products such as cabins, aircraft engine parts, and even automotive bodies.

Our Commitment

The dedication and the commitment that we have proved to all our clients here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals is something that most companies and manufacturers would imitate. The only thing wrong with that is the fact that we were able to lead the sail to the point that no one else is able to copy it.

We’ve mad bad business decisions and we’ve made good ones too. For our bad decisions, we decided to eat it up and let it all go – you’ll never have to worry about quality when you work with us here at Indiana Contract Manufacturing Professionals.

Call us now and we will give you the quotation that you need – and we can tell you that you’ll definitely love our rates and prices!


We service multiple cities throughout the state of Indiana. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Indiana.

If you don’t see your city listed or a specific service listed, don’t worry. All you have to do is contact us by either giving us a call or filling out our online contact form. Then we’ll discover what are some of the top solutions for you, your business, and executing a solid solution.

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